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  • Lavender Reception and Mosaic Award 2018

    The vibrant program and a tassel from the 2018 Lavender Reception and Mosaic Awards

  • Lavender Reception 2018 Graduates

    Lavender Reception 2018 Graduates

  • LGBTQ POC members with their Mosaic Awards

    LGBTQ POC members with their Mosaic Awards

  • Students posing at the 2018 Pride Prom

    Students fiercely posing at the 2018 Pride Prom

  • Rainbow Tassel for 2018

    Rainbow Tassel for 2018

  • Visibility through Buttons

    Visibility through Buttons

  • Pride Prom

    LBGT RC Staff at Pride Prom

  • Come Visit!

    Come Visit!

  • Making Connetions

    Making Connections

Color Me Queer

Color Me Queer

Color Me Queer is a discussion group facilitated by the LBGT Resource Center.  If you are interested in discussing societal issues that span sexuality, gender, and race as well as strategies for self-care, please consider joining us!

Get Support

Get Support

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You can support the work we are doing at the LBGT Resource Center by donating here.  Every donation, small and large, helps us support and advocate for our LGBTQA+ students on campus.

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Single Occupant Restroom Map

Looking for inclusive bathrooms on campus.  Check out our Single Occupant Restroom Map to see the single occupant restrooms across campus.