Religion and Spirituality

There are many different stances held by various religious communities.  Some are supportive of LGBTQ+ people and welcome them without reservation into their places and communities of worship while others do not or do so under specific circumstances.  Many LGBTQ+ people struggle with their religious or spiritual beliefs at some point in their coming out process.

More About LGBTQ+ Experiences with Religion/Spirituality

Faith & Spirituality Resources & Organizations

  • Integrity USA – A nonprofit organization for LGBTQ Episcopalians and allies
  • Keshet – An organization hosting conferences and workshops representing the interests of LGBT Jews through promotion of LGBTQ-inclusive policy, programming, and culture
  • LGBTQ Humanist Council – A forum for LGBTQ Humanists and allies to come together, to build community, and work together to achieve social and civil equality for LGBTQ persons
  • More Light Presbyterians – Members of the Presbyterian Church who educate and engage the community on LGBTQ issues
  • Muslims for Progressive Values – An organization working for the human and civil rights of LGBT Muslim individuals
  • Queer Asian Spirit – A global listserv for LGBT API people of faith and their allies
  • Soul Force – An organization advocating freedom for LGBTQ people from religious and political oppression through the practice of nonviolent resistance