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Ambassador Program Application

Ambassador Program Application

This application is to apply to be an Ambassador for the LBGT Resource Center. Ambassadors are a part of one or more volunteer opportunities with the Center, including:

*Promotional material creation
*Designing flyers, posters, and other graphics (Some experience preferred)
*Planning events and programs
*Other duties as assigned!

Find more information on the multiple tasks and roles you may be assigned below the application form.

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If undecided, type in "undecided."

Application Information

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Note that LBGT Resource Center volunteer needs may not match your preference, but we will do our best to accommodate your interests.

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Promotional Material Creation

The LBGT Resource Center participates in dozens of resource fairs, networking events, and collaborative programs throughout the year. In order to promote the LBGT Resource Center and ensure that every students who needs us can find us, we need your help to create promotional materials! Volunteers will aid in printing, cutting, and assembling pronoun and awareness buttons. 

Poster, Flyer, and Graphic Design

The LBGT Resource Center internally creates our own marketing and informational materials.  This includes the posters, social media graphics, informational brochures, and other things that we use to promote our programs and events! Volunteers with some demonstrated experience in the Adobe Suite, Publisher, or Canva will aid in creating graphics that will be used by the LBGT Resource Center and our partners!

Event and Program Planning

Volunteers in this position will assist LBGTRC staff in preparing for and hosting various events and programs throughout the year. This might include preparation and coordination leading up to the event, promotion, decorating and setup, various duties throughout events and programs, and tear-down.

Other Possible Duties

If none of these specifically outlined volunteer duties do not seem like a good match for you, but you’re still interested in volunteering:

  • Fill out an application anyway! Mark that you are interested in other volunteer opportunities, and be sure to specify what kinds of assistance or skills you can provide that might be handy.
  • Drop a line via email to lbgtrc@msu.edu. As the needs and capacities of the LBGT Resource Center change throughout the year, we will be happy to pair you with duties outside of what are listed above.