Featured Alumni

The LBGTRC seeks to highlight some Spartan alumni who identify as LGBTQA+.  Started through the great work of our former journalism intern, Caitlin Taylor, we have compiled some incredible stories.  Features of alumnx will emerge over the course of the academic year.  Check the Newsletter and here for more updates!  If you are an alumnus/a/x who would like to be interviewed, please e-mail lbgtrc@msu.edu for more information!

“From ‘Farm Boy’ to Leader of Change” – Dennis Hall (11-Apr-2017)

“Caring for Our Bodies and Hearts” – Henry Ng (14-Mar-2017)

“It Does Get Better” – John Haskins (23-Feb-2017)

Advocacy, Activism, and Engagement” – Justin Ford (7-Feb-2017)

From Student to Staff” – Lydia Weiss (17-Jan-2017)

“Don’t Forget to Smile” – Sean Watkins (11-Oct-2016)

Experiences Being Asian American on MSU’s Campus” – Jen Nguyen and Austin Olano (2012)