Research Opportunities

The LBGT Resource Center gets several requests for students to participate in research. All opportunities to participate in research are indicated below. If you are a researcher looking to be posted on this website, please contact Alex C. Lange, Assistant Director, at

Physical Activity in the Transgender Community

Researchers know very little about physical activity in the transgender community, although we know that some barriers exist. If you are a transgender adult, regardless of whether you consider yourself to be physically active, please consider filling out our anonymous online survey. At the conclusion of the survey, we will be asking participants whether they are interested in doing a telephone interview with us about this topic.

Here’s the link:

For more information or questions about the study, contact Linda Oakleaf at

 LGB Identity Development and Career Decisions

Dear Prospective Participants,

Hi, hope you are doing well and enjoying this season. I appreciate your time in advance.

My name is Hansori Jang. I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Rehabilitation Counselor & Education at the University of Iowa. I would like to invite you to participate in a research study exploring how LGB identity development influences the career decision-making self-efficacy of LGB college/undergraduate students. If you are currently undergraduate level students, you are eligible to participate.

This study involves filling out several questionnaires (i.e., demographic information LGB identity development, self-compassion, perceived social support, and career decision-making self-efficacy) which should take less than 30 minutes to complete.

To complete the survey, please visit the link:

If you have questions about the study, you may contact me at or 319-512-1105.

Thank you for your consideration.

GBQ Men, Grindr Use, & Social Belonging (Added 4-Nov)

We are interested in the experiences of men who identify as gay, bisexual, or queer and their use of the app Grindr.  If you are at east an 18-year-old man and identify as gay, bisexual, or queer and would like more information about this research study, please visit the link below.

Survey link:

If you volunteer to participate, the survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  If you are not eligible for this study but know someone who is, please help by passing this information along!

Todd Ryser-Oatman, M.S. is conducting this study; Sharon Rostosky, Ph.D. is an advisor for the study.  For more information on them and their research program, please visit

Equality Campaigns, Male Suicide Prevention, and Gay-Straight Relationships in University (Added 29-Nov)

I am a researcher based at Newcastle University in the UK ( and am working on my doctoral degree looking at the role of gay-straight alliances and equality campaigns in universities in the US. My research looks at the relationships formed between gay men and straight men during their time at university and how these are influenced by things like social alliances. 

The most important part of my research is the interviews I hope to carry out with students like you! I am visiting four US universities in April 2017 and hope to visit your campus to talk with between 5 and 10 students. This will be through informal face-to-face interviews.

If you’re male and identify as gay or straight and could give up a couple of hours during the week beginning April 17, I would love to hear from you. Newcastle University have awarded me full ethics approval and I can provide you with details of the research in advance. I am also available to discuss this (at no expense to you) via phone call, FaceTime or Skype if you prefer. 

I know April is a long way off but I’m travelling a long way for the research and need to be able to work around paying for my flights. 

If you are interested, please drop me a line in the first instance: and I’ll get back to you with more info. I can’t pay you for participation but I can cover travel costs (and coffee during the interviews!) You’ll also be able to add international research participation to your CV and I’ll be happy to share the outcomes of my work with you before they are published. 

Thanks and I hope to meet some of you next year!

Parental Support of LGB Students in College (Added 6-Dec)

My name is Eric Price and I am a doctoral candidate in the Counseling Program at the University of North Texas. As a gay man specializing in counseling LGB college students, I am interested in researching positive coming out experiences. Unfortunately, many college students in the community continue to experience rejection and stigma after coming out to their parents. In this particular study, I am investigating the experiences of LGB individuals who disclosed their sexual identity to a parent during college and felt supported by that parent throughout the coming out process. I hope to use my findings to help parents who would like to be more supportive throughout the coming out process, but might not know how to offer support. Furthermore, with your help, I would like to find new ways counselors and educators might work with parents to formulate new strategies of support.

Your participation will consist of taking an online demographic survey that may take approximately 15 minutes.  All surveys are completely confidential and your IP address will not be collected. In order to participate, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You are between the ages of 18-24 and currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at a four year college or university.
  2. You identity as cisgender and lesbian, gay, or bisexual.
  3. You disclosed your sexual orientation to at least one parent during college and felt supported by that parent after your disclosure.
  4. You were not living at home at the time of your disclosure.

After completing the survey, I may contact you to participate in a 60 minute interview. The interview will take place via electronic communication and be audio recorded (i.e. Skype). Finally, participants who are selected for the interview will also be asked follow-up questions to verify the accuracy of our findings.  The estimated length of time for the follow up questions is approximately 15 minutes. As an incentive for your participation, participants will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card to their campus bookstore.

This study was approved by the UNT IRB #16-473. Please click on the following link if you would like to participate:

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Eric Price, MA, LPC-Intern
University of North Texas

LGB Identity Development and Career Decisions (Added 9-Jan)

Rutgers University researchers are seeking participants to join a study that seeks to understand psychotherapy/counseling experiences of lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals. Results from the study have the potential to improve psychotherapy practices with LGB clients. Participation involves an internet-based survey that takes approximately 15 minutes. After completing the entire survey, participants are eligible for a weekly raffle to win a $50 gift card for!

To participate in the study, you must:

(a) be at least 18-years-old;
(b) identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or queer;
(c) live in the United States; and
(d) have received individual psychotherapy/counseling from the same psychotherapist or counselor within the past year.

Here is the link:

Our Facebook page is:
You’re welcome to email any questions you may have to

Asexuality and Health Care Practitioners (Added 24-Feb)

My name is Shelby Flanagan ( and I am a senior psychology student at the University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM). My faculty advisor is Dr. Heather J. Peters, Ph.D., LP, CC-AASP, Associate Professor of Psychology at the UMM. We are conducting a study to understand the experiences that people who identify on the asexual spectrum have with health care practitioners. This study is funded by UMM’s psychology endowment fund.

The survey is for individuals who identify as asexual, or on the asexual spectrum (e.g., asexual, demisexual, gray-ace, etc.), and are over 18 years old. This is the link to the survey. The survey will ask participants questions about their experiences with health practitioners, and it can take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete, depending on the experiences of the individual.

Please be aware that all responses to the survey will be stored securely, and will be kept confidential and anonymous. No identifying information about the participants will be associated with their responses. Participation in this study is completely voluntary, and your decision to participate or not participate will have no impact on your relationship with the researchers or with the University of Minnesota, Morris.