Speakers Bureau

The speakers bureau is a diverse group of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and ally people who are trained to share their experiences and answer questions in classrooms, campus units, student organizations, residence halls, and community settings . The LBGT Panel Discussion Program is a valuable classroom resource. Panels may also be requested by organizations. The LBGTA Speakers Bureau brings members of the MSU community who are trained to share their stories and increase awareness of issues relevant to the LBGTA community classrooms, campus units, student organizations, residence halls, and community settings.

Speakers provide education about the diverse identities of LBGTA people, while sharing their personal stories openly. The program promotes critical thinking through challenging dialogue. Typically, 3-5 panelists provide an overview of their lives, experiences, and “coming out” stories, followed by a Q&A. A panel may be the first opportunity audience members have to ask candid questions in a safe environment.

Panels may also address special topic areas, such as the intersections of race/ethnicity and LBGT identities. Discussion topics often include: family reactions, health issues, and campus experiences.

Check out comments about the panel discussion program:

“I enjoyed this program very much – thank you for voicing your
life and your choices. I’m confident you changed a lot of people’s
minds today, for the better.”

“This is a great way to educate people about the community.”

“I think it’s awesome how these young adults are putting
themselves out there – they could have huge impacts on people in
their situation.”

“Always found the panels to be of great benefit to student learning and understanding.”
– Dr. Dennis Martell, Health Education Coordinator

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Want to schedule a panel for your class/organization? Please fill in and submit the form below, or contact us (353-9520) with the following information. Please contact us at least 21 days in advance of the date you need a panel, if possible. We request that you allow time for our panelists to hand out and collect an evaluation form afterward.

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