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Formerly known as SafeZone training, QuILL: Queer Inclusive Learning and Leadership is a two-part training offered by the LBGT Resource Center.  After the completion of both parts of training, participants will receive a certificate of completion that expires after four years of one’s initial training.

Part One of QuILL is a web course offered through the Office of Regulatory Affairs.

Part Two of QuILL is an in-person workshop scheduled with LBGTRC staff members or the MSU Human Resources Department.  Part two of QuILL will resume when the Resource Center is fully staffed.

QuILL Web Course: Foundations of Queer Inclusive Learning and Leadership

The QuILL web course is free, self-paced, and available to anyone with an MSUnet ID (name@msu.edu) through the Office of Regulatory Affairs at Michigan State University. After two years of development and testing, QuILL is now available on a high-quality, interactive learning platform that is visually pleasing and rich with engaging video and graphic content. The web course takes approximately 45-75 minutes to complete. The web course may be used as a stand-alone information tool to compliment coursework, support professional development, or for personal learning.

To access the course,

1. Go to http://ora.msu.edu/train
2. Click “Login”
3. Click “Find Training” on the Menu Bar
4. In the search bar, type “QuILL” and click “Search”
5. Click “QuILL Foundations”
6. Click “Launch”
7. Scroll down and click “Begin”
8. The course should open.

The training requires pop-ups and audio enabled. Contact the LBGT Resource Center if you need accommodations for any reason in taking the web course. If you need assistance in registering or completing the training, contact the IT HelpDesk weekdays at 517-884-4600 or train@ora.msu.edu.

If you do not have an MSU NetID, you can create an account here.  This will allow you to access ORA. Once you have created and activated your account, you can return to this page and complete this form with your account information, and we will add you to QuILL.

Please e-mail us at lbgtrc@msu.edu if you have questions about accessing the web course.

QuILL Workshop: Creating Queer Inclusive Learning and Leadership Environments

QuILL Workshops will continue when the Resource Center is fully staffed. They are 2 – 2.5 hours and include interactive activities, facilitated discussions in which participants will explore the experiences of people who are marginalized by their sexuality and/or gender. Participants will leave the workshop with an action plan to create more inclusive and higher quality learning and leadership environments within their service units, student organizations, and/or classrooms. QuILL Workshop are design for FUNctional learning!

All workshop participants must receive a satisfactory score on the QuILL web course (i.e. 90% or above) before they can attend the workshop. Those who complete the workshop will receive a certificate of completion suitable for display. The certificate is dated and expires after four years.

Schedule a QuILL Workshop

You can request a QuILL workshop by completing this form at least three weeks in advance of your preferred workshop date.

If you have questions about QuILL workshops for faculty or professional staff members, please contact Oprah Jrenel, Assistant Director of the LBGTRC, at oprah@msu.edu.

If you have questions about QuILL workshops for students or residential staff members, please contact lbgtrc@msu.edu.