Fall 2016 LGBTQ+ Student Leader Retreat

Student Leader Retreat Registration Form (Fall 2016)

Complete this form to to reserve your spot in the LGBTQ+ Student Leader Retreat. This year's retreat will take place on Saturday, September 3rd (10 AM - 8 PM) and Sunday, September 4th (12 noon - 5 PM). The retreat will tentatively take place in Mosaic: the Multicultural Unity Center on the 2nd Floor of the MSU Union.

Snacks will be provided throughout. Lunch and dinner on Saturday will be provided.

If you have questions, contact Alex at langeal3@msu.edu.

As you would like them to appear on your materials.

If you do not use any pronouns, please type in "N/A"

Please write organization and position.

Retreat RSVP

Please indicate if you will be able to attend the Retreat below. If you have certain circumstances you need to work within, please contact Alex.