These programs offered by the Center provide several levels of personal engagement with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identities and issues.

Panel Program/Speakers Bureau

The LBGT PanelĀ Program and Speakers Bureau is a valuable resource. The LBGTA Speakers Bureau brings members of the MSU community who are trained to share their stories and increase awareness of issues relevant to the LBGTA community classrooms, campus units, student organizations, residence halls, and community settings.

Speakers provide education about the diverse identities of LBGTA people, while sharing their personal stories openly. The program promotes critical thinking through challenging dialogue. Typically, 3-5 panelists provide an overview of their lives, experiences, and “coming out” stories, followed by a Q&A. A panel may be the first opportunity audience members have to ask candid questions in a safe environment.

Panels may also address special topic areas, such as the intersections of race/ethnicity and LBGT identities. Discussion topics often include: family reactions, health issues, and campus experiences.

QuILL: Foundations for Queer Inclusive Learning and Leading

QuILL workshops are available to all to further an understanding of LBGT identities, related oppression, and practical skills for creating an inclusive environment. QuILL workshops educate about sexual orientation and gender identity, and the experiences of LGBTQ people. These workshops allow for explorations of ways to demonstrate support across differences in personal and professional settings. QuILL consists of a 1-2 hour web course followed by an in-person training session.

Programs for First Year Students

Are you an LBGTA undergrad student? Join our award-winning first-year program: LBGTQ First Year Experience Program.

Transforming Theatre Ensemble (TTE) Educational Programs

The Transforming Theatre Ensemble provides an interactive learning experience that engages the audience in collaborative problem solving. The ensemble can approach issues of diversity, inclusion, discrimination, bias, and more. A sample LGBT exercise offered by the TTE can be foundĀ here. Please see the TTE website for more details on these programs.

Speakers and Other Programs

Individual speakers are available for guest lectures, classes and events, as well as for leading more focused presentations. We also have “Guess Who’s Gay,” a fun, interactive, game-show style panel that combats popular stereotypes. Please contact the Center for more information!

Special Requests

The professional staff of the LBGT Resource Center is available to create specialized workshops. We are also available for consultation about inclusion and curricular integration of issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Contact the Center about these opportunities.