Unconditional Love Fund


There is a temporary hold on the receiving of Unconditional Love Fund applications.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The Unconditional Love Funds (ULF) are available through the LBGT Resource Center to assist students with expenses that support academic success by addressing wellness and safety needs.

Students, faculty, or staff are strongly encouraged to call, email, or drop-into the LBGT Resource Center for consultation related to a student concern. It is most efficient to schedule an appointment to discuss concerns.

  • Call between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday and ask to schedule an urgent and confidential meeting with a staff person.
  • Email lbgtrc@msu.edu with the subject line ‘confidential’.
  • Message the Student support Specialist directly at this link: http://lbgtrc.msu.edu/get-support/

You should receive a reply within two business days.   Please keep in mind that the LBGT Resource Center staff are mandated reporters.  Disclosures of sexual abuse, violence, and harassment will be reported to the police and the Office is Institutional Equity and Inclusion.  For consultation with a professional who is not required to report, contact the Sexual Assault Program, Safe Place, or the Counseling Center.

Grants are paid directly to vendors.  No cash assistance is available. Requests will be reviewed by the Office for Financial Aid and in the event that financial aid is available to the applicant, the award may not be granted.


Michigan State University undergraduate, graduate and professional students are eligible. Funding is intended to assist those who have first explored all other funding options. For 2017-2018, grants up to $500 may be considered. Students may receive ULF once per semester.

Examples of expenses these grants may cover include:

  • Expenses related to emergency or continued housing
  • Accessing adaptive garments to affirm gender identity
  • Transportation for medical or mental health care
  • Medical care or prescription costs
  • Clothing and other supplies needed for internship or employment
  • Fees for name change, sex marker change, or replacing University ID with corrected name

How to Apply

Applications may not be submitted by a third party or by an anonymous applicant.

Submit a PDF letter of application to lbgtrc@msu.edu that includes the following information:

  1. Name & Pronouns. Legal name will be required to process a grant if awarded. Preferred names will be used for all other purposes.
  2. Preferred contact information. Email, phone number, mailing address.
  3. University PID. The PID will be used to verify enrollment status, and used to determine the ULF award impact on the applicant’s financial aid. In the event that the ULF award cancels equivalent financial aid otherwise available to the student, the award student is not eligible for this award.
  4. Expected semester of graduation. Currently enrolled students are given priority consideration.
  5. Explanation of timeline. The date or timeframe in which the funds would be needed (for example, transportation for a medical appointment on a particular date, or purchase of a chest binder prior to an internship interview).
  6. Personal Statement. Written statement that demonstrates the following:
    1. How funds will support your safety or wellness? Exactly how will funds be used?
    2. Why are funds not available from other sources (such as financial aid, credit card, assistance of family, a personal loan from a bank or credit union)?
    3. How does your need for assistance relate to your sexuality, sexual identity, gender, gender identity or gender expression?

Send application email with attachment to lbgtrc@msu.edu. Please write CONFIDENTIAL in the subject line.

Please allow 2 business days for a reply.