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Ambassador Program Application

Ambassador Program Application

This application is to apply to be an Ambassador for the LBGT Resource Center. Ambassadors are a part of one or more volunteer opportunities with the Center, including:

*Office Volunteers (Current Students Only)
*Outreach & Engagement Fairs (Current Students Only)
*Speakers Bureau
*Educational Program Facilitators

The duties of each of these volunteer roles can be found here: http://lbgtrc.msu.edu/work-and-volunteer-opportunities/.

New volunteers are on boarded each semester. A mandatory training is held early in fall an spring semesters - applications that are submitted after this training has occurred will be reviewed for the next semester. If you cannot attend this training, please contact us at lbgtrc@msu.edu with the reason you cannot attend and we can discuss further options.

Personal Information

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If undecided, type in "undecided."

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The Center is open Monday - Friday. We are open 9 AM - 7 PM on Monday thru Wednesday and 9 AM - 5 PM on Thursdays and Fridays.

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Office Volunteers

Office Volunteers, also known as Family Room Hosts, serve as the front line of the LBGT Resource Center, greeting guests, answering phones, and providing front line support for the Center.  Family Room Hosts help with office tasks, whether data entry, provide tours of the Center, research topics on LGBTQ-related subjects, and organize materials for outreach programs.

Family Room Hosts are expected to volunteer 3 – 4 hours of time, once per week during a given semester.  Office volunteers must be current undergraduate students.


Speakers Bureau & Panel Program Volunteers

The Speakers Bureau is composed of a diverse group of LGBTQ and ally persons who are trained to share their experiences and answer questions in classrooms, campus unites, student organizations, residence halls, and community settings.  Volunteers in the Speakers Bureau serve in an on-call capacity; the Center does not control when panels are requested.  While we hope everyone will get a chance to serve on a panel, it is not guaranteed.  If you are interested in hosting a panel for your organization or class, head here.

As volunteers are able as opportunities arise, we do ask that persons volunteer for at least one panel per year.


Outreach & Engagement Fairs

Volunteers in this position represent the LBGTRC in various outreach events.  Whether it is as large as Sparticipation or as small as a resource fair in the MSU Union, volunteers help to staff the LBGTRC table to provide attendees with information about the Center as well as various other resources on campus and in the community.  Resource and Engagement Fairs happen throughout the semester.

As volunteers are able as opportunities arise, we do ask that persons volunteer for at least one fair per year.  Office volunteers must be current undergraduate students.


Educational Program Facilitation

Starting in 2016, the LBGTRC will have volunteers help lead small groups in our educational programs, specifically our Queer Inclusive Learning and Leadership (QuILL) Workshops.  For more information about QuILL, head here.

As volunteers are able as opportunities arise, we do ask that persons volunteer for one workshop per year.