Center Staff

Dee color 3Deanna “Dee” Hurlbert ’94


Deanna Hurlbert is the Director of the LBGT Resource Center (LBGTRC). In this role, she develops and implements educational and support programs to enhance student learning and wellness and serves as a diversity and multiculturalism consultant in the University community. She has served as a domestic and sexual violence survivor advocate and program coordinator and has professional experience in crisis intervention counseling. She worked as a public health training consultant for 15 years and has extensive experience as a presenter in the areas of HIV/AIDS, sexuality, domestic and sexual violence and substance abuse. Deanna is a proud Spartan alumni who earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Community Services and a Certificate in Women’s Studies here at MSU. She has also earned Master’s degrees from Western Michigan University in Public Administration and Education. Dee is pleased to bring all of her education and experience into her work at the University. Dee has been with the LBGTRC since 2008.

E-Mail Dee with Questions about:

  • Alumni and Community Relations
  • Faculty/Curriculum Consultations
  • Education Programs
  • Graduate Student Engagement
  • Institutional Consultations
  • Leadership and Supervision of LBGTRC Staff and Operations
  • Scholarships and Awards
  • University Staff and Professional Development

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Bailey Krestakos ’11 ’17

Student Support Specialist

Bailey Krestakos is the Student Support Specialist in the LBGTRC. In her role, she works one on one with students to support academic, co-curricular, and personal wellness. Bailey is an MSU alumna twice over, with a B.A. in Social Relations and Policy, and her MSW in Organization and Community Leadership.  She has experience in crisis intervention, leadership, and program planning. Bailey is devoted to social advocacy, consciousness-raising, and challenging socially and institutionally enforced systems of oppression. It has been rumored that her laugh can pierce the sound barrier.

E-Mail Bailey with Questions about:

  • Advocacy and Support Needs for Students
  • Outreach and Support Programs
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Campus Community for LBGT Students
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Frankie Resto ’19

Graduate Assistant

Frankie is the Graduate Assistant in the LBGTRC. In this role, he facilitates the New2U and Color Me Queer Discussions, as well as advises the Queer and Trans People of Color Coalition (QTPOCC). He recently graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.S. in Family & Child Studies, and now is in his first year in the Student Affairs Administration M.A. program. Frankie hopes to be a director of an identity based center, focusing on combating societal/systemic issues that oppress students. Frankie loves Pugs, Bulldogs, and social dancing to Bachata and Salsa!

E-Mail Frankie with Questions about:

  • Color Me Queer Discussion Group
  • New2U and First Year Engagement
  • Queer People of Color Coalition (Student Organization)

Crystal King ’19

Finance and Administration Assistant
she/her/hers and they/them/their

Crystal is the LGBTRC’s Finance and Administration Assistant.  In this role, they manage the office’s financial processes, and provide support to office staff and students, as well as co-facilitating New2U.  Crystal is a third-year undergraduate student studying Economic Geography and Business. They hope to get her MBA in Finance! She has participated in undergraduate research and study abroad at MSU. Crystal loves free hugs, making new friends, and is a good listener.

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Kieran Todd ’17

Student Leadership Program Assistant

Kieran is the LBGTRC’s Student Leadership Program Assistant. In this role, Kieran provides support to the Alliance of Queer and Allied Students, and supports student leadership programming out of the LBGTRC. Kieran is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Economics and Public Policy, and has been a student leader throughout their time at MSU.  Kieran one day hopes to have a career advocating for inclusive economic development policy, but in the meantime likes playing with their dogs, Burrito and Scout. Ask and you shall receive endless dog videos and pictures.

E-Mail Kieran with Questions about:

  • Campus Community for LBGT Students
  • Student Advising
  • Student Organizations