Center Staff

Oprah Jrenal

Assistant Director
she/her/hers or just Oprah

Oprah Jrenal is the Assistant Director for the LBGT Resource Center (LBGTRC). In this role, she advises student groups and LBGTRC staff in their efforts to create supportive environments in which LBGTQ students can thrive. Oprah has served in residential life at institutions across the country. She has experience presenting on topics such as intersectionality, being a person of color (global majority) in predominately White spaces, White supremacy, supporting undocumented students, and community building, to name a few. Oprah is ecstatic to be joining the Spartan family. She earned her bachelors in Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry from the University of Arizona and a masters in higher education from the University of Kansas. Oprah is pleased to share her light and love with MSU. Oprah has been with the LBGTRC since January 2018.

Email Oprah with Questions about:

  • Joining LBGTQ student organizations
  • How to Tell Someone they said/did something Racist (homophobic, transphobic, etc.)
  • Advocacy and Support Needs
  • Event/Program Ideas
  • Leadership and Supervision of LBGTRC Staff and Operations
  • Navigating Microaggressions

Nick Royal


Nick Royal is a staff member for the LBGT Resource Center.  In this role, he is working on assessment for the Resource Center, including looking at New2U and Color Me Queer, as well as the queer student experience at Michigan State, among other tasks.  Before MSU, Nick worked in housing at the University of Michigan and the University of Denver.  Nick’s prior research looked at the relationship between students’ queer identities and their leadership identities.  Nick is thrilled to be joining the MSU family and add a little more green to his wardrobe!  Nick received a B.S. in Law and Economics from Central Michigan University and an M.S. is Higher Education Administration and Policy from Northwestern University.  Nick started with the Resource Center in the Fall of 2018.

Email Nick with questions about:

    • Assessment projects in the LBGTRC
  • How to get involved on campus
  • Any Pride buttons you want to see in the resource center
  • General resources regarding queer identities
  • Recommendations for a good book
  • Advisor to TransAction

Lara Hayden

Undergraduate Intern 

Lara is from St. Joseph, Michigan which is located right next to Lake Michigan. Lara is currently majoring in Social Work and Anthropology with strong hopes of graduating in the summer of 2019. After graduating she plans to get her Master’s degree in Social Work and become a counselor. When she isn’t out helping others, Lara can be found snuggling with her two amazing babies, a chiweenie named Tootsie (7) and a cat named Birthday (18).

Email Lara with questions about: 

  • Support hours for LGBTQIA+ Students
  • Connecting with resources around campus
  • Providing tips on conflict resolution
  • Assisting in verbal and digital communication
  • Events for the SparQ program
  • Decorations for the hallway

Monai “Mo” Trishon ’20

Student Program Assistant


My name is Monai but you can call me Mo, I also go by (she, her, hers) pronouns. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I have a special interest in communication, language, and humanitarian work. I aspire to impact the world through earning my PhD in Speech Pathology. In my spare time I love to spend time with the people who I love the most! Mo has been with the LBGTRC since Fall 2018.

Quinn Harrison ’20

Student Program Assistant 

he/him/his and they/them/their

Quinn is one of the Student Program Assistants for the LBGT Resource Center. For this role, they put together smaller events for the center and co-facilitate New2U. He is a third-year undergraduate student studying Sociology. Quinn is also the Public Relations Coordinator of The Alliance of Queer and Ally Students and the Secretary for TransAction. When not in the center, he can be found hanging out with friends and thinking about his favorite cat, Snickers.

Karl Heinz

Practicum Graduate Student

Karl is a graduate student studying student affairs administration and is doing his practicum in the LBGT Resource Center for the spring 2019 semester. Karl’s focus is technology, media, and research. His primary project involves doing research about student services offered at LGBTQ+ resource centers at higher education institutions in Michigan and around the Midwest in hopes of benchmarking and improving services offered at MSU. Karl also works on the LBGTRC’s social media and provides support to the resource center’s students and staff. Karl is from Washington state and earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Western Washington University. Karl also works as an Assistant Community Director in Case Hall at MSU.

Email Karl with questions about:

  • LBGTRC social media
  • LBGTRC website
  • Services offered at the LBGTRC

Counseling and Psychiatric Services Liaison

Ginny Blakely, L.M.S.W.

Counseling and Psychiatric Services Liaison


Ginny is from Holly, MI and began working at MSU in September of 2016. Ginny is an Americorps VISTA alumni, a Third-Wave Deadhead, and an Out and Proud Queer Lesbian. Ginny has prior experience with Appalachian Community Mental Health; Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy; Intensive Home-Based Services; Serving Homeless/Runaway/Throwaway LGBTQI+ youth; and Post-Adoption and Attachment work. She loves disc golf, legos, rainbows, people, exploring, traveling, comics, games, and food.

Email Ginny with questions about:

  • Identity development
  • Mental Health
  • Resources
  • Selfcare
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Support Groups
  • General CAPS and Olin questions