The LBGT Resource Center* leads and collaborates on university-wide initiatives that enhance campus climate and support services for MSU students who identify as lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, and their communities, at Michigan State University.

We serve the entire campus community by helping all students, faculty & staff thrive in a diverse world by developing allies across difference.

We believe the primary purpose of higher education is to unlock students’ unlimited possibilities, & that our collective efforts will further this end.

We believe support of LBGT students & communities must be done in a multicultural, social justice context, honoring the many identities of students.


  • students_sylvia_riveraFirst Year Student Programs – New2U is a program to develop foundations of academic, social and emotional wellness for LBGT and Ally students.
  • Student Lobby – A comfortable and welcoming place for all students to study, socialize, and talk freely about their lives and experiences and find information and support from staff members.
  • Leadership and Academic Support & Development – Opportunities for LBGT students and allies to expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities as leaders, while being supported and motivated as scholars.
  • Ally Development – Safe Zone workshops provide an overview of sexuality and gender while exploring ways to create affirming environments for LBGT people on campus, in other social and professional environments.
  • The Panel Program - a speaker’s bureau that allows LBGT persons and Allies to share their personal stories and answer questions related to sexuality and gender to increase awareness and understanding of the experiences of LBGTA persons and includes the popular “Guess Who’s Gay” program.
  • The Library - Books and movies are available for check out.
  • LBGTQ Climate Report - The 2009 LGBTQ Climate Report for Michigan State University can be found here. The Appendices to the report are included in separate documents: Appendix A (Comments Analysis), Appendix B (Data Tables), Appendix C (Committee Information) and Appendix D (Survey Questionnaire). The Executive Summary can be found here.

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The LBGT Resource Center is in room 302 of the Student Services Building.

* Formerly the Office of LBGT Concerns.

To download a video of Assistant Director Deanna Hurlbert talking about the resources and mission of the LBGT Resource Center, click here!

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