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Thank You to Our Friends at MyDoorSign!


MyDoorSign.comis the largest site devoted to door signs in the country!  After entering into conversations with activists around restroom signs, the company created a host of All Gender Restroom signs.  They’ve also been so generous as to donate signs to Michigan State University and the LBGT Resource Center.  Check out the signs here:

First Year Students!  Interested in connecting with the Center and learning more about campus through an LBGT lens?  Look into our First Year Experience program!

The LBGT Resource Center facilitates a six-week, non-credit first year experience program for LBGT students on campus.  Both new undergraduate students as well as entering transfer students are welcome to participate in the program.  Check out more information about the program here.

You may indicate your interest in the First Year Experience program here!

Have questions about the program?  Contact Assistant Director of the Center, Alex Lange, at

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Come Visit The Center!

Who is the Center for? Everyone. And everyone comes to the Center. Everyone comes to The Center to visit with the Center Staff in the Family Room, chill, meet-up with friends, ask questions, study, check-out the Community Gallery Exhibit, get a cup of coffee, have a good laugh, heat up lunch in the microwave, have a good cry, show us your favorite YouTube video, take a nap in our ‘fat boy’ (bean bag chair), see what is happening on campus, complain about your (INSERT GRIPE HERE), make friends, and get the help you need for just about anything by just asking.

On The Banks Of The Red Cedar,
Dee, Zoe, and Laura

LBGT Resource Center
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Phone: 517-353-9520

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